10 Actors Reddit Should Play Doctor Doom In The MCU

Doctor Doom is an iconic comic book character that fans are dying to see when he enters the MCU. Although very little is known about when he will return to the big screen, many fans are expecting him to show up in the next year Fantastic Four reboot.

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As of now, Marvel has yet to announce a cast for the film, prompting many fans to take to social media platforms like Reddit to voice their own opinions on who should play the classic characters, including the villainous Doom.

Jamie Bell

Reddit user aagaash2001 pulls out all the stops in his claim that Jamie Bell should be the next actor to take on the role of Doctor Doom, writing that « he deserves a lot more credit for his work, » citing his accomplishments in rocket Man and The Adventures of Tintin as a testament to the actor’s talent.


Bell is certainly a talented actor, and one who’s not entirely alien to superhero movies. This wouldn’t even be Bell’s first Fantastic Four film, as he portrayed Ben Grimm aka The Thing in the 2015 reboot. Fant4stic. Having Bell play the villain in this film could be a bit of meta-humor for Marvel Studios and a redeeming role for the actor himself.

Patrick Warburton

Patrick Warburton in A Series of Unfortunate Events

Not all choices for the rogue dictator are obvious choices. Redditor DrHypester commented under a post suggesting several potential Doctor Doom actors: « Patrick Warburton as Dr. Doom would excite me to no end.”

Patrick Warburton is a character actor best known for his distinctive voice that many fans may recognize family Guy, The Emperor’s new grooveand The Bee Movie, among many other things. While that’s more of a comedic choice for the usually fairly serious villain, it could prove to be the decision-making-outside-of-the-box that sets the MCU’s Doom apart from all other renditions of the character.

Timothy Olyphant

Cobb Vanth smiles at The Mandalorian in Mos Pelgo

Another delife Reddit user suggests Timothy Olyphant for the role of Doom’s Victor. They write: “I am very interested in seeing Timothy Olyphant. I think he could pull it off, be proud and be a threat under that mask. »

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Olyphant is certainly an actor skilled enough to play such a suave yet menacing villain. He also has some experience working under a mask, as evidenced by his guest appearance in season two of The Mandalorian, although his helmet was eventually removed for this episode. Still, Olyphant would certainly make waves should he be chosen as the next Doctor Doom.

Luke Evans

Luke Evans in Nine Perfect Strangers

DGenerationMC suggests Luke Evans for the role, stating that they « like the idea of ​​Doom being played by an actor with serious stage experience ». Evans is, of course, a skilled actor on both stage and screen, making him a very dynamic choice for the role of the often theatrical Doom.

Luke Evans could indeed be a good choice, especially if Doom ends up getting its Disney+ spinoff. The actor also happens to have experience playing the villain, perhaps most famously in live action Beauty and the Beast remake where he played the villain Gaston. This role could help him prepare for the far more evil Doctor Doom.

Colman Domingo

Colman Domingo as Victor Strand in Fear the Walking Dead

BigBearChainsaw makes a strong case for Colman Domingo being cast as Doctor Doom, stating, « He’s an incredible actor, perfectly height for the role (6.2) and one of the most menacing natural voices in Hollywood. »

Domingo is perhaps best known for his role on AMC’s Fear the walking death as the overly intelligent Victor Strand, where he states how unsavory he can be. Domingo would certainly be great in Doom’s darker facets.

Javier Bardem

Reddit user win_the_wonderboy writes, « I think you need someone who can pull off the characters believably [European] Roots… and also has the presence of a king. » As such, they throw Javier Bardem’s name in the ring for potential Doom cast members.

Bardem is no stranger to playing over-the-top villains when it’s his turn skyfall Solidifying his status as one of the greatest villains of all time. And as the Redditor above suggests, he hails from Europe, as does the comic book character fans are hoping he’ll play.

Werner Herzog

The Mandalorian Werner Herzog Client

TheWaylandCycle makes an incredibly interesting argument that Doom should be handled much like Darth Vader, with one actor filling out the suit while another provides an intimidating voiceover. They suggest German filmmaker Werner Herzog, stating that « he gets as close to Doom’s character outside of insane asylums as we get ».

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Herzog certainly has the scary voice to pull off such an intimidating character and has shown willingness to get involved in more popular media projects such as The Mandalorian, in contrast to his usually more prestigious films. And as the Redditor continues in his post, he has exactly the traits that would be found in the perfect Doctor Doom adaptation.

Adam driver

Adam driver in the last duel

Redditor Whistlar writes that « Adam Driver could be an interesting choice » for the rogue Latvian dictator. They go on to joke that the rest of the Fantastic Four should stand war of stars also following actors.

All jokes aside, Adam Driver could be the perfect choice to play Doctor Doom. A former member of the military, Driver has the physique to create a more physically imposing version of the character. And given his favorite role as Kylo Ren in the war of stars franchise, he has a history of playing unstable megalomaniacs.

Viggo Mortensen

Viggo Mortensen as Aragorn in Lord of the Rings

Some wish actors best known for playing iconic heroes would take on this categorically evil role, with a certain suggestion from Peter Jackson Lord of the rings Movies that are taking the internet by storm. « Someone suggested Viggo Mortensen [to play Doctor Doom]’ writes Reddit user KingKosmo92, ‘and that would be awesome.’

Mortensen certainly has the acting background to prove his worth in the role of Victor of Doom, with his turn as Aragorn Lord of the rings Films that brought him several awards. The actor also has a regal aura that would be perfect for playing the dictator of an Eastern European nation like Doom does in the comics.

Cillian Murphy

Cillian Murphy in Inception

Perhaps the most common online choice for the next Doctor Doom actor is Cillian Murphy. Above a post that features some compelling fan art of the actor in Doom’s iconic guise, Redditor ARquantum adds a comment stating that Murphy « would be awesome as a slick evil genius. »

Cillian Murphy is known for works such as dunkirk, 28 days later, and a Quiet place part II, all of which demonstrate his artistic malleability. He’s also no stranger to playing comic book villains, as his long working relationship with director Christopher Nolan has resulted in him playing Batman villain Scarecrow in all three films Dark Knight Trilogy. There’s no doubt Murphy would make a convincing Doctor Doom, leaving fans wondering if he’ll actually be the next man to take the mantle.

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