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While nearly 70% of teenage boys and girls who have sex with their girlfriends or boyfriends admit that 61% of all sexes who have sent nude pictures have been pressured to do so at least once. Almost 40% of teenagers have posted or sent sexually suggestive messages, but this practice is more common in boys than girls. Sending semi-nude or nude photos is more common among teenage girls. 22% …

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Ilse Haider, Mr. Big (2013).Courtesy of the Leopold Museum, Vienna. Is the male body really that boring? Last week Guardian Art critic Jonathan Jones published his latest in a series of lists plundering art history for page views, « The Top 10 Male Nudes in Art ». Apart from a few inspired tips – a photo by […]

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Clara est une grande blonde nymphomane particulièrement joyeuse!

Clara nous arrive de Narbonne pour découvrir les joies du casting porno. Cette grande blonde aime tout ce qui est hard et ce qui lui donne la sensation d’être une salope! Aujourd’hui elle va nous le prouver en se faisant dilater et en prenant son pied comme une bonne chienne!

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NASA wants to send nudes into space to attract aliens

Hey ET, are you up? NASA plans to send nude photos into space as part of its latest attempt to contact other intelligent life in the universe, according to a study recently released by the space agency. However, the suggested unsolicited images will not be graphic photographs of real naked people as you might think. […]

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