Britney Spears posts several nude pictures on Instagram after winning the Conservatory

Britney Spears celebrated it Removal of the father from their conservatory by sharing nude pictures of herself on Instagram.

The singer shared ten snaps from a tropical getaway with her 34.4 million followers on Instagram, with only pink flower emojis protecting her modesty.

She shared the pictures with the caption: « Playing in the Pacific has never hurt anyone. »

The post received 2.4 million likes and thousands of comments at the time of publication. Her Fiancé, 27-year-old actor and fitness expert Sam AsghariShe commented « #freethenipple » along with a laughing emoji.

Socialite Paris Hilton also commented, writing: “I am delighted to see you so happy and free! You deserve it! I love you B. « 

Regarding the #FreeBritney movement, one fan wrote, « Literally Free Britney. »

Another fan said, « Mom started an OnlyFans that would literally blow the internet up. »

In a separate post from her vacation, she shared a video showing clips of her and Asghari laughing together on a boat before posing to clips of her posing topless on the beach.

In another video that was posted last night and shows the crystal clear sea during a boat trip, she wrote: « Here I have the time of my life » along with winking emojis.

Spears celebrated an arrangement with her fiancé after her father was suspended from overseeing her estate, what the pop superstar described as « abusive. »

Her father will now hand his daughter’s papers over to an accountant who will manage her $ 60 million (£ 45 million) assets through December 31st. Jodi Montgomery remains the Conservator of Spears’ Personal Affairs.

The removal of her father from the Conservatory marks a significant milestone for the singer after the arrangement was in the spotlight for much of the following year emotional testimonials from Spears and the publication of the Framing by Britney Spears Documentary.

Yesterday, she announced to her fans on Instagram that she was « on cloud 9 ».

Fans around the world, including those involved in the #FreeBritney movement, celebrated their idol’s legal victory over their father.

A hearing to discuss the termination of the Conservatory was scheduled for November 12th.

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