Check out 16 celebrities getting nudes on social media

Be famous, like many things in life it also has its advantages and disadvantages. For example, receiving tributes and displays of affection from fans is a very positive thing. However, in an age where the internet dominates, some followers are crossing the line by showing their admiration for their idols. It is for example the case of People who usually send nude photos to celebrities.

Singers, actors, young and old… Several artists have revealed in interviews that they often receive intimate photos from fans on social media.. Some tend to handle the situation well. Others consider it a lack of respect. And there are also those who simply ignore the received images.


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In that sense, we Observatory of the Famous We have compiled a list of 16 celebrities who have already claimed to have received nude photos from followers on social media. Cashbox!

Graceanne Barbosa

A few years ago, Belo’s wife commented that she was tired of receiving nude photos of women on her social networks. In an interview with SBT’s Fofocalizando, the muse didn’t hide her discomfort at the intimate photos of her fans.

“I answer myself on Instagram. Amazingly, I get more nudes of women than men. Guys please stop sending me ‘pepecas’ that I don’t like, no! »Gracyanne complained.

Gracyanne Barbosa (Photos: Thiago Duran/AgNews)


The actress and YouTuber is another famous person who didn’t like having her message boxes filled with fan files. Via social networks, Kéfera vented the matter and sent her message:

« I’m posting a video about pole dancing, but it’s not available directly p*r*ca. There’s a lot of men following me now and sending me some directors who think they rock it. You are not. Raw Crystal! No time brother »Shot.

« I was dying to understand what goes through the mind of a man I don’t know sending me a picture of his cock directly. Does he think I look at the picture and I’m like, ‘Oh my god, we’re getting married! damned! I have found the love of my life. It was you all along. » Does he believe that? »he added.

Kefera Buchmann (Photo: AgNews)

Camila Queiroz

The eternal « Angel » of « Verdades Secretas », revealed in an interview with journalist Leandro Lel Lima, who has already received many intimate photos from fans. However, after he married actor Klebber Toledo, netizens stopped harassing him.

« It’s been a while since I’ve received nudes, there was a time when I’ve received a great deal. I think after I got married it stopped. I’m not responsible because you know where this ends… we have to protect ourselves. I also don’t think I’ll get paid more because people know I’m a married woman. » explained the actress.

Camila Queiroz (Photo: Reproduction/Instagram)


Funkeira was another famous person who complained about receiving nude male pics directly on Instagram. « Guys, I’ll say it again: women are not attracted to men who send dick pics. What an ugly thing, folks. I’m tired of checking private messages and having men like this, » vented pearl. « We think that ‘women don’t value themselves,’ but there are a lot of men who don’t value themselves. What a terrible thing »added the singer.

Perlla (Photo: Playback/Instagram)

Joao Vicente de Castro

And it’s not just women who usually receive nude photos from their social media followers. Actor João Vicente de Castro was also the target of intimate photos from fans on Instagram.

“I get a lot of nudes. I like receiving nude photos. i love it thank you But I think it’s normal, public figures are like that, there’s this kind of mythologization. There is harassment, yes. I used to, and that’s something I don’t do anymore, I felt obligated to get anyone who wanted to come to me, any woman I thought was interesting, baby. »he explained in an interview with Quem magazine.

João Vicente de Castro (Photo: Reproduction/Instagram)


Not even the 55-year-old singer Supla escapes fan files on the Internet. While participating in the program « Sai da Caixa » directed by Tiago Abravanel on Canal UOL, the artist spoke about the intimate photos he receives. « I don’t send files, but I get many. »said the famous.

Supla (photo reproduction/Instagram)

Rainer Cadet

The actor, who plays Visky in Secret Truths, also said he usually gets a lot of nude pics from his followers on social media. « I get rain of files! I’m having fun, leave the gang! »said the famous while participating in the podcast ‘Novela das 9’.

“People can send nudes if they want. It’s up to me to open it or not, the choice is mine. I usually see! But that’s it, I don’t think you can be disrespectful. Not without respect, if you want to send nudes, send them and then I’ll see them, don’t I! Not bad weather!”he pointed out.

Rainer Kadett (Photo: Playback/Instagram)

Gabi Martins

The singer and former BBB is another artist who has claimed to have received many nudes from followers on social media. She added that her boyfriend, singer Tierry, also often comes across intimate photos of fans on Instagram. « They send me and him nudes directly, people don’t have a filter, » said Gabi to TV Fama.

Gabi Martins (Photo: Reproduction/Instagram)

Rodrigo Lombardy

The TV Globo heartthrob is one of the celebrities who are targeted by fan files on social networks. However, he made it clear that he doesn’t usually respond to such messages. « Sometimes I get nude photos on Instagram but I don’t reply. I see them all, but I don’t answer any of them. »he added.

Rodrigo Lombardi (Disclosure)

Laura Mueller

The famous sexologist of the show « Altas Horas » also revealed that she usually receives nudes from fans on her social networks. « Now, in social networks, comes the « bug ». What Maria (her assistant) has already seen on file… The crowd sends everything, but we don’t continue this type of conversation« , she said in an interview with Patricia Kogut.

Laura Mueller (Disclosure)

Addressa Miranda

Thammy Miranda’s wife is also often the target of fans’ nude pics on Instagram. However, she has already made it clear that she does not like it. « Test report! I don’t have to come across that! »she said on social media.

“Today I received a nude straight from a guy and posted the photo. The guy came to ask me to remove it. Why didn’t he think about the time he screwed up? », mused Addressa. « Then he regrets it and asks to take it off? I won’t take it off! People have to deal with the consequences of their actions.” She said. « I should have posted the picture without emojis without obscuring the picture so it’s so gross to learn not to do this to women. »explained.

Addressa Ferreira (Photo: Reproduction/Instagram)

Luigi Baricelli

At the time « Family Ties » was repeated in « Vale a Pena Ver de Novo, » actor Luigi Baricelli said he saw his inbox full of fan files.

“Some write that they are Capitu (Giovanna Antonelli) and send nudes, even frontal ones. Then I don’t play or anything, I have to be careful. I speak about women because I have not received nudes from men, although I have received messages with jokes. And I hope they continue without orders, women and men. Don’t send files, folks »he asked.

Luigi Baricelli (Photo: Reproduction/Instagram)

Juliana Caetano

The Bonde do Forró singer also did not escape the nude photos of fans on social networks, surprised by the variety of penises she usually receives. « I receive a lot on WhatsApp from Mansão Bonde. I only watch it in the morning and didn’t realize that one is different from the other. One is thinner, the other more touched, » She said.

Juliana Caetano (Photo: Reproduction/Instagram)

Ari Fontoura

The 88-year-old actor also admitted to receiving many intimate photos on his Instagram. “There are many direct ones. I think so [são] about three thousand messages daily more or lessS They also send nudes (laughs). Out there… The weirdest thing I got was from a girl who texted me everyday that my photo or video was an indirect one for her.”commented the artist during her participation in ‘Mais Você’.

Ary Fontoura (Photo: Reproduction/Instagram)

Isis de Oliveira

The 71-year-old actress, best known for her character Rosaly on the soap opera Roque Santeiro, is another famous person receiving nude photos on social media. « I also get nudes but I delete and block”she said in an interview with journalist Walter Felix from the NaTelinha website.

Isis de Oliveira (Photo: Reproduction/Instagram)

Spiritual Arruda

The beauty, who is a real hit on social media, also complained about the intimate photos she usually receives on Instagram from fans. « You see, I admire the courage of some men who send me directly, because you have to have the courage to send pictures of those hideous, ugly pigeons. Keep your ugly train to yourself, boy.”said the muse.

Geisy Arruda (Photo: Reproduction/Twitter)

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