Ed Sheeran: TikTok King in Great Britain

SpotOn newsSpotOn news | December 14th, 2021, 12:00 p.m.

Ed Sheeran: Comeback successful (mia / spot)


It’s been a good year for Ed Sheeran – even on the trendy TikTok. Among the music-obsessed English, Sheeran has made it the most popular musician on the young platform.

On TikTok, Ed Sheeran (30) is the most watched music star in Great Britain in 2021. Sheeran had announced three singles from his new album « = » this year via social media. He also gained more new followers than anyone else on TikTok. He is currently close to having ten million followers.

He is followed by the singer Sam Ryder in second place as well as the rapper KSI (28) and the musician Youngblud (24). Ed Sheeran had announced a break in 2019, followed by his successful comeback in 2021. His singles « Shiver » and « Bad Habits » also conquered number one in the single charts in Germany. Here, according to the record company Warner, Ed Sheeran holds the title of most-streamed international artist of all time.

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