I use one with my friend, the other with everyone

Evelyn Miller (31) was born with two wombs and two vaginas – but didn’t find out until she was 20. Now she’s a star on the internet. Twitter/evelynuncovered

It is considered a small sensation among OnlyFans users. The platform for adult content, on which stars like the Wendlers are also on the road and make a lot of money with it, also has some really strange things to offer with Evelyn Miller. The Australian has two vaginas. And tells frankly not only about her pregnancy, but also that she uses one for her personal fun, the other for work.

« I worked as an independent escort for about seven years, traveling around the world, » says Evelyn Miller from Queensland, Australia. « I was able to use one vagina for work and one vagina for my personal life, which made work a lot easier for me emotionally and physically. »

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« After I quit, I started filming adult content with both vaginas with OnlyFans – and it was very, very successful. » So successful that the 31-year-old says she spends thousands of euros on the site every month deserved.

Two vaginas also bring problems

But besides the benefits of two vaginas, there are many unusual things Evelyn has to think about. For example, inserting two tampons when she has her period. Having both vaginas tested for STDs when she sees the gynecologist.

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Even in which their partner can ejaculate while having sex. « My doctor told us to only choose one side to ejaculate, » she says. Because: « In theory, I could carry two babies at the same time if I wanted to – but it would be hard on my body, so we had to be careful in that regard. »

Sex in every vagina feels very, very different. We can have sex on one side and use a toy on the other.

Evelyn Mueller

And indeed: The 31-year-old is pregnant. Already for the third time. The first time, when she was only 20 years old, she had an abortion after her doctor diagnosed « uterus didelphys » during the initial examination.

A didelphic uterus is a « double » uterus, a type of genetic abnormality in which two wombs and sometimes two cervix form. Some women with this condition also have two vaginas. Just like Evelyn Miller.

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This significantly increases the risk of a miscarriage, and every pregnancy is a high-risk pregnancy. The splitting of their reproductive system meant that carrying a pregnancy to term for the full period would be risky, as each womb is half the size of the average woman’s. There is a risk that the space is too small for the baby’s growth.

« Sex in every vagina feels very, very different »

But Evelyn Miller then went through with pregnancy number two, giving birth to a healthy, albeit small boy after 37 weeks. Now she is already in the 13th week of pregnancy again, expecting baby number two with friend Tom (32).

And what does that mean for their fans? Not much at the moment. The mother is still active on OnlyFans and reports freely about her sex life.

“Sex in every vagina feels very, very different. I prefer one side, but it depends on the man’s position and figure. We can have sex on one side and use a toy on the other, and there are all kinds of positions and things I can try,” says Evelyn Miller.

Only working in front of the camera is a little more difficult for her after the birth of her first child. « It was hard looking after a little baby and being so tired — especially trying to work and film. »

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