If you send him nude photos, be sure to follow these 14 rules

Sending nudes used to be such a taboo – nobody talked about it, but everyone did it. Then people started realizing that sexting was hot, which led to more and more nudes being mailed out, leading to women leaking their nudes on the internet. If you want to send him a picture of that body you’re so proud of, by all means do it — just make sure you follow these rules first.

Make sure they are actually on board. Most men would be thrilled to see a photo of the woman they’re into semi or totally naked. However, it is still very important to establish consent. Always ask if he is okay with you sending such images before proceeding. « If they respond enthusiastically, you’re given the go-ahead, » says Jess O’Reilly, Ph.D., Astroglide’s sexologist shine. « If they say no or sound uncertain, respect their boundaries. Sexting can be hot, but there are plenty of other hot activities you can engage in if it’s not your partner’s thing.”

Set your own limits. Nude doesn’t have to mean completely naked. Do you just want to send him a photo in your bra? You don’t feel like you have to do anything else. Do what you want to do – you are in control of this situation. Partial nude photos can actually be a lot sexier than nudity. Try a sexy pose in just underwear or a really cute swimsuit. Leaving more to the imagination sometimes gets guys more excited than the alternative.

Don’t fall for manipulation. Before you decide to send him nudes, it’s important to think about why you’re doing it. If it’s because you’re feeling sexy and you want to turn him on and build some sexual tension between you, by all means do it. If it’s because he’s manipulating you by suggesting that you send him nude photos if you really like him, or because you want him to look at you instead of other women online, that’s a serious red flag. You should never be pressured into doing anything that you are not 100% comfortable with.

Be prepared for other people to see your treats. You’ve got one hell of a body, so be prepared for your recipient to want to show off this photo. If you’ve never met his friends before, know that the first time you meet them may not be the first time they see parts of you that you don’t want to see. Be prepared, but also be a good person and do not share the nudes you receive with others without their permission.

Stay away from that pretty face. With that in mind, make sure you keep your face away from it. Send a selfie as much as you want, send nudes as much as you want, but for the love of the sexting gods, don’t send your face and nudes in the same shot just in case he turns out to be Idiot spreading the image everywhere or just in case the phone falls into the wrong hands or whatever other terrible tragedy may happen, just don’t do it. If he can’t respect this rule, go back to rule #1 and kick him to the curb.

Remain as anonymous as possible. If your files fall into the wrong hands, you want to be as unidentifiable as possible. To ensure this, turn off your location settings and remove anything from the background that could be traced back to you. In addition to keeping your face out of the photo, you should also cover up any unique features you may have, such as birthmarks or scars.

Triple check the « to » field. Please, please, please don’t accidentally send your nude photo to your father or your boss. It’s not something that can be undone. Also, make sure you don’t accidentally upload to your social media. It’s easier to do than it sounds.

Don’t send nudes to men you don’t know. I would go as far as to say that you shouldn’t send nudes to someone you’re not already dating or in a relationship with, but sometimes these days we talk to people online a long time before we even meet. You may be very close to someone you haven’t met in person and feel comfortable sharing nude photos. Only you can judge if you really know someone well enough for this kind of intimacy or not, but please don’t send nude pics to brand new guys. You don’t know them or their motivations and you have to protect yourself.

Also, make sure they are over the age of consent. I know it seems silly to add this, but it’s still worth mentioning. Anyone under the age of 18 sending or receiving a nude or suggestive image is in breach of the Prosecutorial Remedies and Other Tools to End the Exploitation of Children Today (PROTECT) Act 2003. This Act states that it is “illegal to show it produce and distribute, receive or possess with intent to disseminate an obscene visual depiction of a minor engaged in sexually explicit conduct, » so you could be in pretty hot water if the person you’re sending your files to is not old enough to conceive you. Hopefully you’re smart enough to date a grown man, but if you’re talking to someone online, just make sure they’re honest.

Don’t send files under the influence. Like pretty much everything, it’s a bad idea to send drunk nudes. You must forget all other remaining rules. The next thing you know, your whole body is in the picture, face and all, and you sent it to your boss and then accidentally uploaded it to Facebook.

Check your lighting and angle. A little advice that’s different from the rest. If you are I will send these nudes, I want you to send your best self! Take photos from above or straight ahead. Never take a picture from below and look up – everyone has a double chin at this angle. Try natural lighting instead of bright neon lights.

Get collateral. I have personally sent nudes, but I have not sent any without first receiving one. While I don’t necessarily care about getting a picture, I’ll still make him bother to do it for two reasons. The first is to simply make him jump through hoops. The second is because I want something on him should he want to hold my nude over my head. However, if you take my advice about only sending nudes to men you know, this rule wouldn’t really matter.

Use a safe app. If you do decide to send him nudes, you should do so using a more secure messaging program. That means avoiding text attachments and using encrypted programs like Signal or WhatsApp instead. Your photos should be safe from hackers this way, but to protect against screenshots, you need to use something like private. There’s even an app called DiscKreet that puts your files behind a password that you both have to enter at the same time for them to be viewable.

Most importantly, you know you don’t owe anyone anything. Never feel like you have to send nudes to anyone. No one should ever feel stuck or feel guilty for not sending nudes. Too often I think we agree to things because we feel like we have to to make guys like us. The right one will not pressure you and for the right one you will probably want to send sexy messages and pictures. It should all come naturally.

File mailing isn’t for everyone and if it’s not for you, that’s fine. There are many other ways to flirt with the guy you like without having to expose yourself in this way.

Send him pictures of you still clothed. If he’s into you, he’ll want to see you no matter what you’re wearing or not. Why don’t you send him a photo of you in an outfit that makes you feel really hot? You can strike a sultry pose or just make sure you look ultra sexy, but you don’t have to undress.

Try sexting him. Words are sometimes more powerful than pictures anyway. If you don’t want to send him nude pics but would like to write down some things you want to do with him, sexting can get you both even more excited than the pics. Send him the dirtiest things you can think of and see how he reacts.

Invite him instead. Why does he need a picture when he can just come over and see it in person? He doesn’t have to stare at a picture of you when you’re standing right in front of him to get his way. If he is unable to come by immediately, meet up as soon as possible. This gives you both something to look forward to and keeps the anticipation high.

Send him pictures of your lingerie. You don’t have to be there! If you just bought an adorable bra and thong set, why not show him? It will encourage him to use his imagination as well, which is always a good thing.

Link it to other sexy stuff. If you don’t want to send him nudes, there’s always an option to link to other sexy stuff you’ve seen online. Whether that’s an adult video, some pics you saw on Instagram that got you going, or an erotic story that gets you hot. he will love it

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