I’m going to defy so many nudes specifically to Nancy Pelosi now

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If you send someone a picture of your boobs, your life is over. It doesn’t matter how fat, round or swinging they are. If you send them to someone, you’ve ruined everything. You’re not going to college, you’re never going to get your dream job, and your husband-to-be will walk down the aisle after being told at the last minute by a once-distant third cousin that you’re none other than She Who Send the Sext.

That’s… obviously not true. People are sexting and surviving every day! But people still cling to her bitch-shaming logic, no matter how backward and just plain unproven it may be — people like Nancy Pelosi.

Corresponding Politically, the Speaker of the House largely blamed newly minted Congresswoman Katie Hill for what happened to her over the past month. « Our darling Katie. It’s so sad, » Pelosi told a room of senior Democrats, according to unnamed sources. « It shows you that we really should tell young candidates and children in kindergarten, be careful when submitting photos. » What an extraordinary misunderstanding of the revenge porn campaign that drove Hill out of office!

Hill, who took office in January, announced Her resignation on Sunday followed what she calls a « smear campaign » that she « abusively » spearheaded [estranged] Husband” and right-wing blogs like RedState, which included a nude photo leak and allegations of an inappropriate sexual relationship with a congressional aide. Hill crossed a very clear line by actually sleeping with a different subordinate, but Pelosi’s big snack is the same condescending advice given by British comedian Ricky Gervais, Fox News host Steve Doocy and a host of public figures after the 2014 iCloud photo leaks, which exposed a number of nudes by female celebrities of the been made available to the public without their consent.

Aside from being backwards and misogynistic, Pelosi’s focus on Hill’s record is also incredibly out of touch with the way more and more of us are living our lives. A 2014 study found that nearly half of all people had sent or received a sext, and that was in 2014! There’s no way that percentage hasn’t increased. Taking pictures of yourself is a deeply normal activity, as is taking pictures of yourself in the nude.

It might seem unthinkable to someone Pelosi’s age, growing up at a time when she couldn’t document her hot body in the privacy of her bedroom, but that’s the only world a growing number of Americans know. Why continue to demonize what everyone is doing instead of making an effort to break that stigma before it can build up?

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