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Instagram is a social network for sharing photos and videos. On the platform, the main activities are: taking or uploading photos (from the phone’s photo libraries or directly from the camera), editing the images and publishing them on your profile. In addition, you can also post temporary photos and videos using Instagram Stories.

Stories has several image editing tools that you can use, for example, to apply filters and add stickers, text, and links to posts that last 24 hours.

On the social network, any user can follow and follow others. Posts appear in a feed where you can like the content and comment. Above the feed is a list of profile pictures of the people you follow. Just click on any of the circles to see what’s been posted in that person’s stories.

The user can download the app on Android, iOS (iPhone and iPad) or Windows Phone. The network also has a PC version, Instagram Web.

How does it work

Instagram works only when the user is connected to the internet. After downloading the application, the first step to using it is to create an account to register on the network.

Then simply register to participate. To do this, you need to click the « Sign In » button at the bottom of the interface. Then enter your personal information such as name, email and password. Once this is done, you need to click « Done » and then you can use it.

On each profile there is a « Follow » option that allows you to follow your favorite « photographers ». Once you choose who to follow, new photos from those users will appear in the feed on the app’s home page. So every time you join the network, you can see the latest content from your contacts and like or comment on them.


When you post a photo or video on Instagram, you will notice that under the picture there is a bar with some functions on the screen. Several filters are offered to add a special touch to your photos. But if you don’t like any, you can make image adjustments manually. On the Edit tab you can:

– Use the « Adjustment » to fix the angle of the photo and its perspective;
– Increase or decrease the « brightness » of the photo;
– Use « Contrast » to emphasize light and dark areas of the photo;
– Highlight the reliefs of the picture using the “Structure” option;
– Change the colors to warmer tones or to a cooler color with the « Temperature » tool;
– In « Saturation » the user can make the image more vivid and with more vivid colors;
– With the « Highlights » tool it is possible to focus the light on the brighter areas of the photo;
– In the “Shadows” option there is a possibility to bring out the darkest areas of the photo;
– The « Vignette » function can draw attention to the center of the image;
– And you can sharpen the photo with the « Sharpness » option.

The Filter tab allows you to choose an effect to customize your post.


Since mid-2013, Instagram has allowed its users to share videos up to 15 seconds long. You can register in the app itself or use one that’s in your phone’s camera roll. Then simply select which frame should represent the « cover ». If it is longer than the allowed time, you can clip the part you want to share on the social network through the application itself.

Then just apply one of the available filters to give your movies a more professional or retro feel. The application also has the « Cinema » function, which serves to stabilize the image and make the videos more qualitative. Learn how to use the new Cinema tool in Instagram videos.

Image description and hashtags

Arrived at the last image adjustment screen, if you want, you can insert texts that will serve as a kind of caption to let other users know what the photo represents.

Hashtags (#) are trademarks of the app. Users started using them on Twitter, and now they’ve « taken » them to Instagram. They are used to comment on a specific topic so you can « explain everything the picture represents in just one word ». In addition, hashtags become hyperlinks within the network and search engines. That means you can view all the photos that used the same hashtags that you or a friend used.


Posted images can be geotagged on a map. This allows all photos to which you have added the location to be displayed on a map. Before posting, however, the social network will ask if you want to enable the feature, as your location in the photos can be seen by anyone who visits your profile – making it easy to find the places you visit most often.

direct message

Instagram also allows you to communicate directly with a friend or with a group through photos and videos. This feature is referred to as Direct or Private. This is very easy. Just click the box on the top right corner of the application interface and select the photo or video you want, and a new screen will appear: « Direct ». It is possible to send these messages to groups of up to 15 friends to send the message.


The Explore tab contains the photos with the most comments and positive tags. They are accessible to every user who also has the right to comment on the photo posted. If you like what you see, you can still go to the user’s profile and see all their photos. It is also possible to give a « follow » to follow the next photos posted by this user.

Integration with other social networks

The user can also share his photos on social networks: Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Flickr and Foursquare. By connecting your account with Facebook, you can still find your friends who also use Instagram and choose those you want to follow on the network too.

web version

If you don’t have a smartphone but want to keep up with what your friends are posting on the social network, there’s a version for using Instagram on PC. It’s a bit limited: it’s not possible to post anything from the computer, just view and interact with the feed (like and comment).

If you want, you can also download the program’s unofficial plugin, Instagram for Chrome, and view the photos without leaving the page you’re on. This plugin offers the possibility to enlarge images, a feature that is not even present in the mobile version.

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Our opinion

Instagram is the most popular application for sharing photos and videos of the moment in Brazil and around the world. As a social network, it allows users to add filters to their productions and publish them online. The great advantage of the program is its ease of use. With simple tools, the user can take a photo or a movie directly from their device.

After you create the image or video, the available filters already appear on the screen. You don’t have to search through the settings to find them. Anyone can apply professional effects to amateur productions. Another interesting aspect of the application is the ability to interact with friends, enjoy and comment on the images and recordings they post. In addition, the service is integrated with other social networks, so the user does not have to leave the program to post his artistic work on Twitter, Flickr, Tumblr, Foursquare and on Facebook itself. It’s all very simple and convenient.

Instagram can also be considered as a large bank of audiovisual productions. In the Discover tab, you can see the most commented photos and videos, or search for a specific hashtag and find all posts related to the topic. There are many photos available. For the most curious and photography lovers, it is an opportunity to see the world through the lens of others.

Finding friends using the network is also not difficult, and it is possible to integrate it with your Facebook and Twitter account. Instagram is a success for its simplicity and functionality. The design of the app is appealing and very intuitive. Anyone can easily use it without resorting to any instructions. With special filters, everyone can be a good photographer and turn everyday situations into artistic and interesting shots.


  • Intuitive design
  • Link to other social networks
  • Easy to use
  • nice interface


  • There is no link to Picasa, Pinterest and Google+

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