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Bridges /=|=\ Bridges

Some bridges are solid, imposing shapes and some are extremely graceful. Some are made of concrete, some are made of wood, some are made of brick, some are made of stone, and some are made of iron or steel. But they’re all built to traverse something. All types of bridges are welcome here – bridges for motor vehicles,…

The 50 Pictures Project

1. Search for an object or subject 2. Take 50 different photos of it. New or not yet published images are allowed on Ipernity. 3. Mark each image in a series with x/50. There is no time limit for the 50/50 goal. The goal is 50 images, but don’t worry, it’s not mandatory. You will not …

Hamburg, Germany)

This group is for all things related to the beautiful city of Hamburg in Northern Germany. Here you will find more specific groups for Hamburg: District groups: Altona, Barmbek, Bramfeld, St. Pauli Places: Airport Alster bridges and tunnels Elbe Elbphilharmonie FC St. Pauli Guess Wh…


Beautiful fence photos on Friday! 1. ONE photo per week Please note that 6 photos per month only ensures that Ipernity’s internal weekly clock does not have multiple entries in one month. you were advised 2. Post late Thursday evening (not before 11:30pm your time zone) or Friday (your time zone). N…

Black and white

Everything about black and white photography. Please only black and white (so: no colored toned monochrome!). moderated. Please no fetish, violent or similar content! We do not allow images with badges between comments. Many Thanks. As I said: moderated and limited 😉

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