Is Daddy Todd disappointed? [See Pics]

Savannah Chrisley recently posted a nude photo on Instagram, and — it turns out — she’s posted nudes on Instagram multiple times. Now, before you get too excited… Savannah Chrisley is a woman of faith, and she only posts what most would consider tasteful nudes. But that didn’t stop Chrisley knows best Discouraging fans from raising concerns in the comments on their Instagram posts.

As we recently reported, Savannah Chrisley stripped both physically and emotionally on Instagram. We also noticed that fans had pretty mixed feedback on this crackle skin depiction. Some supported Savannah, who flaunted as much as she wanted.

However, some fans had a simple question. What would her father, Todd Chrisley, think of her files?

Savannah Chrisley Naked: Would Her Daddy Todd Be Disappointed?

There’s no denying that Chrisley fans thought Savannah looked hot in her latest nude snap. But they wondered if their father, Todd, would have a problem with it.

Here are some fan talk screenshots of Todd’s thoughts on risqué photos of his daughter.

Savannah Chrisley InstagramSavannah Chrisley Instagram

Some Chrisley knows best Fans even assume that Todd would have a big problem with it.

Savannah Chrisley Instagram

So does he have a problem with salacious photos of his daughter?

Now we can confirm that Todd Chrisley didn’t react to this particular nude photo of Savannah. But, as we have already mentioned. Savannah Chrisley has a few different nudes on Instagram. Just because he didn’t respond to that nude photo…doesn’t mean he hasn’t responded to one in the past. In fact, Todd Chrisley reacted to the last nude snap Savannah posted on Instagram. He liked it as much as many of her fans.

Likewise, he chose his daughter to post the photo in the comments. In particular, some fans questioned if it was odd that her father was so supportive of her file that he took the time to defend her. Is these two’s relationship a little too close to be comfortable? His support of her files in the past has sure made some fans think so.

Savannah Chrisley goes topless and peels off her pants in a series of sexy snaps

These nudes of Savannah are probably from the same shoot

Now we have no reason to believe that Savannah Chrisley has had multiple nude photo shoots. In fact, her various nudes on her Instagram all appear to be from the same photoshoot. Just different poses. In October last year, Savannah posted a nude photo of herself. But those who have seen both photos will realize that they are from the same photo session. She’s rocking the exact same hairstyle and makeup. It also has the same solid black background. The only difference is that one photo is in color and one is in black and white.

So it’s possible that she’s only done one nude photoshoot so far. Likewise, many of her fans argue that these aren’t even really nudes. While she’s clearly topless in the photo… There’s no telling if she’s wearing anything below the waist.

Additionally, we can also confirm that she posted the exact same nude photo of herself that she posted last night in August last year. So it’s not really like Savannah Chrisley has tons of nudes on the internet. Technically, she’s just recycling the same handful of tasteful topless snaps from a single photoshoot.

How does it make you feel to know that Savannah Chrisley posts nude photos on Instagram? Do you think her daddy Todd really minds? Share your thoughts with us.

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