Michael Wendler: A clear message from OnlyFans – no sex tapes with Laura Müller

Michael Wendler: No sex tapes with Laura Müller on « OnlyFans » – « The illusion is lost »

December 13, 2021 at 10:47 pm

This is Michael Wendler

This is Michael Wendler

He is one of the most polarizing pop singers in Germany: Michael Wendler.

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Pop star Michael Wendler and his wife Laura Müller are currently making headlines again. The reason for this is their « OnlyFans » account, on which the couple shares erotic photos and videos of themselves.

Especially from the pretty one Laura Müller the followers don’t seem to be getting enough. In a live stream, the situation suddenly escalates and Michael Wendler must be made clear.

Michael Wendler announces « OnlyFans » followers: « Whoever expected that doesn’t know us »

The first « OnlyFans » clip from Michael Wendler and Laura Müller, in which the 49-year-old gave his wife a pat on the bare bum, 28 years his junior, spread like wildfire in early December.

Now the followers, who have to pay 31 euros a month to the Wendlers for the revealing recordings, want more. In a live stream of the two, Laura is repeatedly asked by users to bare her breasts.

That goes too far for Michael. “We want to make it clear: There will be no hardcore sex on our platform. Whoever expected that doesn’t know us, ”he bursts out.


This is Michael Wendler:

  • Michael Skowronek was born on June 22, 1972 in Dinslaken
  • His biggest hit « She loves the DJ » was created in 2004
  • Michael Wendler has lived in his adopted home Florida since 2016
  • In June 2020 he married the 21 year old Laura Müller in the USA
  • Michael Wendler was banned from Instagram after his statements regarding the corona virus – he can still be found on Telegram


Michael Wendler makes it clear: There is nothing more to see from Laura Müller than in “Playboy”

The “OnlyFans” platform is best known for its explicit content and bare facts, but that’s exactly what Michael Wendler and Laura Müller want to distance themselves from.

“Laura was in ‘Playboy’, but whoever thinks we’re doing live sex here on ‘OnlyFans’ doesn’t know us. Every now and then there will be a few erotic photos, ”explains Wendler.


More to Michael Wendler and Laura Müller:


And there is a good reason for that. « If you show too much, the illusion is lost, » Michael explains the decision.

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