Netflix ‘Nocturnal Animals’ opens nude scene Shocks and Disgusts TikTok

Another day, another wild movie scene that explodes on TikTok. The opening scene of Tom Ford’s 2016 film Nocturnal animals went viral in the app as users challenge each other to record their « blind reactions » to the movie’s unexpected opening scene.

I don’t know what people were expecting on TikTok when they hit play on the Amy Adams and Jake Gyllenhaal-led thriller, but it certainly wasn’t several naked women dancing with American flags and pompoms while classical music was playing .


YOOOOO NOOOOO WTF #FYP #fyp シ #netflix #nocturnalanimals #wtf 😂😳

♬ Original sound – ohmandy86


I have to learn to go about my business. #nocturnalanimals #fypage # evil #makeitcinematic

Chanel x Gloriaa. –


I keep hearing this audio on my FYp, wtf😭

♬ Original sound – ohmandy86

The trend emerged in an October 12 video shared by TikTok user @ ohmandy86. “Stop what you’re doing,” she says. “Go to Netflix, search for“ Nocturnal Animals ”and record yourself watching the opening scene. Please duet with me. I want to see everyone’s reaction. ”Needless to say, people have since followed their advice – the app Nocturnal animals Hashtag now has over 36.4 million views.

@ ohmandy86

#Night animals #netflix #blindreact

♬ Original sound – ohmandy86

While it’s unclear whether many of these TikTokkers stayed here after the opening scene, Nocturnal animals packs a lot of twists and turns in the course of its almost two-hour running time. Most of the story centers around art gallery owner Susan (Adams) grappling with the frequent trips of her negligent second husband (Armie Hammer) when she suddenly receives a troubling manuscript from her estranged ex-husband Edward (Gyllenhaal) that her past relationship reflects in a disturbing way.

If you’re curious to see Nocturnal animals’ It’s about a formidable opening scene and unnerving story that you can now watch on Netflix. And if you’re so inclined, why don’t you take yours own Reaction?

Where to see Nocturnal animals

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