‘Nudes’, photos with Rauw Alejandro, his everyday life …

Rosalía knows full well that one of the keys to her success is talking about her. Apart from the enormous quality that the 28-year-old Catalan artist has, she works continuously on her promotions and because in a very short time he will be releasing his third studio album (after The angel Yes The bad will and a huge handful singles) you have to speak in the best possible sense again. And for that, Rosalía has decided that it is time to make her other Instagram account public …

Rosalía will release a new album in 2022

Until last weekend it was not known that the singer had another account on the social network, but to make it clear that it was herself, she not only mentioned the title of her new album, Motomami, but he advertised it through his main account which he has a little over 18 million se on fan. This new In just one weekend, he has already reached more than 150,000 followers.

In this report, far removed from advertising photos, from her fashion styles and accessories and, ultimately, from her work, one finds a much more open Rosalía, less careful with her content, more natural, from day to day, from plans that she does not advertise for unknown short breaks or rehearsal afternoons, Listen to music, read or even drive a Lamborghini.

He also shows his travels on private flights, the meals he enjoys, many photos without make-up or with the accessories that have already become part of his aesthetic or of course his relationship with Rauw Alejandro, with whom he appears in several pictures eat in bed, kiss Or, ultimately, share your love in a much less hermetic way.

What’s more the photo that is the most Likes has accumulated since opening this account to the public is completely naked how nice it seems that he sent Rauw as naked for the words « I love you » that appear written. More than 26,000 people have given I like this to this picture in which the artist tumabda takes a selfie on the bed without clothes, using the ceiling mirror and covering her pubic bone with the emoticon of a pink heart.

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