OnlyFans finally shows political support for sex work

OnlyFans finally supports sex work – with this organization

This article is about the web service OnlyFans, which became famous mainly because of its erotic, explicit and pornographic content, which is made available by content creators themselves for a fee.

only fans has committed to the “Woodhull Freedom Foundation”, to provide financial support to an organization that advocates for sexual freedom as a human right – a great success for sex workers. The organization did not disclose the amount, but according to adult industry magazine XBiz, OnlyFans’ investment was seen as « significant financial support. » Woodhull was the first organization to take legal action against the US SESTA-FOSTA Internet Privacy Act. Above all, the law is dangerous LGBTQIA+ sex workers, equates sex work with forced prostitution and can thus deny sex workers access to certain websites (such as AirBnB). The litigation continues to this day.

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This is how OnlyFans supports sex workers with their donation

sea Ricci Joy Levythe President and Chief Executive Officer of Woodhull, the organization will use the funds it receives from only fans receives to continue their work in the areas of politics and litigation. Levy told XBiz that Woodhull plans to « promote understanding of discriminatory laws and policies related to sex and sex work and to increase public advocacy to protect sexual expression. »

« OnlyFans’ incredibly generous support could not have come at a more urgent time and I am grateful for their dedication to our mission, » Levy said Denying people their fundamental right to sexual expression. This will help us fight back. »

The fight for LGBTQIA+ rights and sexual empowerment are one and the same

Hundreds of anti-LGBTQIA+ laws have flooded state legislatures again this year, in addition to the possible impending repeal of constitutionally protected abortion rights. Although LGBTQIA+ identities are not inherently sexual, the rhetoric of the conservative right, particularly in the US, targeting even the tamest expression of queerness shows that the fight for sexual freedom/self-determination and the fight for LGBTQIA+ rights are one and the same.

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