Sex educator Gianna Bacio really speaks out everything on TikTok

Do men actually have a G-spot? Is Porn Harmful? What do love balls promise? Gianna Bacio educates on social media. She has a huge following on TikTok.

Gianna Bacio is the online educator and is now inspiring more than 634,000 people (as of December 2021) via the TikTok video portal. She uses her great reach to educate about sexuality and her own body.

Do men actually have a G-spot? Is Porn Harmful? What do love balls promise?

Gianna Bacio: Sex questions explained on TikTok

Gianna Bacio really doesn’t mince her words. No wonder, after all, she has become known throughout Germany as “the educator” on sex education topics.

She is mostly active on TikTok and Instagram under her name giannabacio. The Hamburg resident of Hamburg posts short videos there in an entertaining and relaxed way, in which she relies primarily on scientific facts.

Gianna Bacio on TikTok: By chance « The Enlightener »

Born in Cologne, she originally studied to be a primary school teacher, but quickly realized that the school system was not the right one for her.

« But I’ve always found the topic of sexuality and my own body very exciting, » explains Gianna Bacio in spring 2021. Which is why she did another of many advanced training courses, namely the training to become a sex pedagogue.

About ten years ago she accidentally found out about a YouTube channel called « 61minutensex », which educated teenagers and young adults about sexuality. It happened that Gianna Bacio co-moderated this channel.

So it was never planned that she wanted to be « the educator » on the Internet. She explains: « By chance and events it simply came to a head on the subject of sexuality. »

“That’s what sets me apart”: How Gianna Bacio became an “enlightener”

Because the sex pedagogue wanted to become a teacher at the beginning, it is in her blood to spread information and science. However, it is important to her to process this information easily and loosely, as she says herself: “That definitely sets me apart. I’ve always actually loved having a teaching or educational role.  »

The fact that she became an “enlightener” arose over several stations. First she moderated “61minutensex”, started the podcast “Love your Sex” and wrote the book “Hand drauf!”.

TikTok and Instagram give Gianna Bacio a high reach

The Hamburg-based resident managed to quickly gain a lot of attention and a wide reach on Instagram and TikTok. In addition, users on social networks are more interested when a topic is treated and presented with passion than when it is presented dryly.

For example, in some videos she talks about how women can orgasm better during sex, in another she explains the differences between arousal and pleasure or she explains how men can last longer during sex.

What do friends and family think about Gianna Bacio’s videos?

In her family and friends, her videos are not causing as much attention as one would think. She herself says: « Some of my family probably doesn’t even know what I’m doing there. »

Gianna Bacio describes that she has a very large family. But it is also not so important to her whether her close circle watches the videos. Sometimes the TikToker is happy not to have to talk about the topic in her private environment.

« I’m not ashamed of any videos I’ve made »

Gianna Bacio stands by her videos and has no regrets that she has published.

She does say that there are topics that affect her particularly emotionally, such as “sexual violence”, “toxic relationships” or the topic of “toxic masculinity”. According to her statement, these topics could possibly have been approached differently by her: « I would probably shoot some of these videos differently today. »

However, the book author explains, « that this sharpness, which then sometimes had such videos, had something for itself, because it just spoke naturally from me ».

Gianna Bacio on the various reactions on the internet

The influencer receives different reactions to her videos, both positive and negative. “There are, however, topics that provoke particularly violent reactions, which I find incredibly exciting,” as she describes. Many feel directly attacked personally because they think it is about their personal sexuality.

Issues such as “masculinity” or “erection problems” in particular encounter violent backlashes and some followers think they have to defend themselves.

However, Gianna Bacio finds that the emergence of problems or « challenges », as she prefers to call it, is something completely normal in sexuality and that dealing constructively with it can bring something good for you.

Between « haters » and « dick pics » – how Gianna Bacio deals with it

Hater comments or lewd messages are unfortunately also part of her world as « enlightenment ». On the internet she talks openly about so-called « dick pics » (unsolicited penis pictures that are sent) or « nude pictures » that are sent to her.

She makes it clear: « That is my personal limit, and if that is disregarded and dick picks are sent to me anyway, then I’ll just bring them to the report! »

Blocking people on Instagram or TikTok has also become common practice at influencers when people do not respect the limit.

She tries not to take any more hater comments. “I read over a lot of hater comments, especially those that concern the outward appearance. Since I am now so that they go in here and out there again.  »

How « the educator » feels about taboo subjects

Gianna Bacio herself says that there are no taboos around sex for her, but she sets a clear limit when it comes to her own bedroom.

“The Enlightener” describes: “I would probably only satisfy the curiosity of some people with it, but it does not help you personally, in your own sexuality, yes. What do you get out of it if you now know what I’m doing myself?  »

Personal sensitivities are irrelevant for them.

Why it is so important to educate Gianna Bacio about sexuality

The tiktokerin and author describes that sexuality is the most intimate and most vulnerable area of ​​life and brings with it many insecurities. However, a lot can be gained from this for one’s own body awareness or for the partnership.

Gianna Bacio explains that the first question that should be asked is what sex actually stands for.

Sexuality stands for creating intimacy and bonding. People can live without sex, but not without attachment and closeness. So one should rather deal with letting sexuality become an area that is coherent for oneself and can create life energy, says Gianna Bacio.

« The Enlightenment » tries to approach the topic more profoundly and to speak about it on behalf of many. This should make it easier for others to also exchange ideas: « I’ll open the door and you can come. »

Even today it is still difficult to express one’s own needs

The sex pedagogue explains that the statement is associated with fear of loss or legacy. People are afraid of being abandoned by their partner. Your own needs are usually also filled with shame.

« For women in particular, it is difficult to express their needs because they have been suppressed for centuries and still have a lot to deal with, there are still a lot of legacy issues, » explains Gianna Bacio.

She describes that this comes from emotional entanglements. However, once these are broken and a more neutral view of them is gained, the fear subsides and one’s own needs can be expressed more openly.

When self-love can arise

On the subject of self-love, Gianna Bacio explains how it can be won for yourself. Self-love arises, it comes out of you, when you listen to yourself and ask yourself questions such as “What are my own needs?”, “What makes me different?” And “What are my values?”.

The author explains that these questions are neglected by many and that one wonders what the people around you think or think of you. « We are so entangled in our external environment that we hardly manage to look at ourselves there, » says the sex educator.

Gianna Bacio gives the following tips for the path to self-love:

  • Spend time with yourself and dare to look inside
  • Listen to yourself and change things when you have thoughts like « This is not what I want right now » or « The way of life does not match the values ​​that I actually represent »
  • Listen to what your personal wants and needs are

Very important: Self-love will develop by itself when the focus is on yourself and not on how you please others.

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