So take and send file

But (no puns), don’t be afraid to post pictures of less traditionally sexy body parts. Nicole, 25, from Chicago, said, « I love chest hair, so I sexed with a guy who knew this and mostly sent pictures of his torso with just a hint of cock. » Several people I spoke to praised the virtues of the classic picture with a lifted shirt: « The best nude photo I’ve ever got was a guy who pulls up his shirt with his teeth, exposing his abs and pecs … Sounds super cliché, but he pulled it off, ”said Marina, 23, from Drammen, Norway.

You don’t have to be completely naked

Unfortunately, we all understand the potential danger of nude photos. Of course, in an ideal world, it’s not a big deal that someone – gasps – has a naked body, but we clearly don’t live in this world. To adjust, keep your face off the picture along with any identifying tattoos (if you can and want to take this precaution). But also know that you don’t have to be naked to be sexy.

In fact, underwear pictures are often even hotter to send as a direct photo of your trash. As Maxwell, 33, of Chicago said, “When a guy wears some kind of sexy underwear and poses in it, I really, really like it. Thick pictures have nothing on good underwear. ”Don’t be afraid to artfully arrange the blankets on your bed to hide certain parts that you don’t want to see. The art of the nude selfie is about showing what you have, not showing it everything you have.

Find your light

This is not a full A24 film production, and I understand, but please know that lighting is what makes some of us look « so good » in selfies and like a normal lady the rest of the time. Steph, 26, from Los Angeles said, « My friend puts filters on his file and always sets up the shot so it’s just a nice photo to look at, and that’s really good for me! »

Bright ceiling lights are probably not your friend. Aim for either natural light from afternoon to evening or a subdued bedside light if you like it a little more atmospheric. Either way, you should face the light source when taking the picture. The light should never be behind you.

As for the camera position, Kelly, 35 from San Francisco, put it perfectly. « Guys often do their cock pics from the top down, from their own perspective, which frankly is probably the least attractive angle. » She is right! Your phone should be at chest level or below. The further away you have the phone, the better. It might sound stubborn, but self-timers are there for a reason, and what do you still do with your evenings these days?

Don’t take yourself too seriously – it has the opposite effect

The tone of your pictures doesn’t have to be rose petals on the bed or I’ll-take-my-Tinder-pictures-next-to-cars. (Never do that, either.) In fact, being playful and flirtatious is probably a more attractive approach than being serious or domineering. You don’t even have to do particularly sexy things.

If you’re struggling to get the mood right with a still image, recording a video can sometimes seem less staged and artificial than a photo. As 21-year-old Ginger from Niagara Falls put it, « I once had a guy who sent me a video of him pouring rum in an apron shirtless into a chicken dish he was making and it almost killed me.  » Jodie, 27 from Sydney, agreed and said, “Naughty videos are always my favorite. When they get their dick to do the nervous thing. Pooh. I’m dying. »

Not you have to to put your personality into Joe Manganiello mode for a sexy photo. This shouldn’t feel like a chore or a big endeavor. You should enjoy the process as you go. Sending an act to someone should spin she on too. If you deal too seriously or too intensively with your files, you risk falling into one 50 shades of gray Cornball.

Whatever you do, promise me one thing: Please –You’re welcome-no files with socks on.

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