Person talks about « pie sex » in video.

Libs of TikTok shared a video of one person discussing the idea of ​​ »pie sex. » « Like cake sex, um, I know a few people who use that personally, » explains one person in the video. « It’s usually described as having a light feel » as well as « fluffy or cute » and « warm, » the person said, adding that … Lire la suite

Talk about relationships between older women and younger men

Original post Hi all, I hope this will be ok rules wise as it’s not really a question or anything but more an update to my previous post which some people commented and gave their insight. So we got together earlier this month to have some dinner and just chat. It was a very comfortable … Lire la suite

This TikTok About Hogging Shows Why Fraternities Suck

buzz · Posted on Nov 15, 2021 I’ve always disliked fraternities, for obvious reasons. But now, I am genuinely terrified of them after learning about a practice called « hogging. » Evidently, the practice is not anything new, and the term has been in Urban Dictionary for nearly two decades. According to the website, « hogging » is basically … Lire la suite

Viral « jump humping » TikTok is teaching the world about Mormon sex

Last week, the phenomenon of « soaking, » a supposed loophole that horny Mormons use to have sex without having sex, spooked the internet. than this Great piece by Mel explains, soaking is when someone inserts their penis into their partner’s vagina without thrusting and « marinates » the penis in vaginal fluid without creating friction. The tweet describes … Lire la suite

How do I get a girl to send nudes? 9 nailed ways to ask a girl about nudity

Do you know the quote « The most boring thing in the whole world is nudity »? Hmmm, you sure don’t have that and even if you do, you don’t believe it. Yes, nudity is one of the funniest things in the world, which satisfies most people and is also the boredom at the same time when … Lire la suite

Bullfight – all information about the cruel « tradition »

Bullfights are still going on in Spain, France, Portugal and some South American countries such as Mexico, Colombia, Venezuela, Peru and Ecuador. In Spain alone, several thousand bulls are literally tortured to death every year under the guise of “tradition”. How does a bullfight work? A bullfighting performance traditionally lasts 20 minutes and ends with … Lire la suite