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With a free business profile for your exterior or your local area, you can convert people who find your business in Google Search or Google Maps into customers. Personalize your profile with photos, offers, posts and more. Manage now

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TikTok is launching a viral grocery takeaway business, but the idea has holes

TikTok is launching a takeaway business called TikTok Kitchen, and we have questions. The social platform plans to let people order dishes for delivery based on recipes that have gone viral, Bloomberg reports. Featuring baked feta pasta, corn ribs, a smash burger and pasta chips, the menu changes as new recipes go viral. TikTok has […]

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Why mailing nudes is such a crude business

The naked human form is something that has piqued our interest for centuries. From cavemen sketching stick figures on walls to Greek sculptors spending hours carving realistic marble gonads onto statues, we’ve always loved seeing a beautiful set. As the technology fell into our hands, it was only natural that we would start sending each […]

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