Walk-In Naked Challenge on TikTok makes people make huge mistakes

As the boredom of coronavirus quarantine sets in across the country, many people have settled into a solid routine of work, eat, Netflix, video games, sleep and repeat. Or at least a combination of these things. Others, however, are finding ever more creative ways to entertain themselves. When couples are stuck at home together, this … Lire la suite

The TikTok trend is reminding people to be kinder to themselves

Remember it TikTok trend where people posted their unique and sometimes embarrassing fun facts about Olivia Rodrigo’s « enough for you »? well, one TikTok is a new trend inspires users to share their childhood photos as a reminder to be kinder to themselves. The sound created by the user @framveu, is a mashup of « Me and … Lire la suite

TikTok star has sex accident: the vibrator continued to hum in the hospital – people

This is where you will find content from social networks In order to interact with or display content from social networks, we need your consent. activate social networks Just imagine how amazed the doctor treating you looked… A British TikToker with the username @sophzaloafs uploaded an initially public video to the social platform, in which … Lire la suite