Britney Spears posts full frontal nudes on Instagram as she embraces her ‘free woman energy’

Singer Britney Spears has wowed fans by posting nude front-facing photos on Instagram. The 40-year-old shared two nude photos with just a heart emoji on the cover with her 38 million Instagram followers. Dressed in just white socks and a white choker, the caption reads, « Woman’s free energy has never felt better. » Spears is now … Lire la suite

Bella Thorne posts her own files after being hacked, accusing Ex of failing to return the passport

Bella Thorne hit a hacker all the way when she posted nude photos of herself that the alleged sneak threatened to leak. « Fk and the power you think you have over me, » Thorne, 21, tweeted Saturday, along with screenshots of texts between her and her alleged hacker and several topless photos. « I’ll write about this … Lire la suite

Britney Spears posts several nude pictures on Instagram after winning the Conservatory

Britney Spears celebrated it Removal of the father from their conservatory by sharing nude pictures of herself on Instagram. The singer shared ten snaps from a tropical getaway with her 34.4 million followers on Instagram, with only pink flower emojis protecting her modesty. She shared the pictures with the caption: « Playing in the Pacific has … Lire la suite