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TikTok has explained why porn and sex bots look at Instagram stories

Turns out it’s probably someone you know. A TikTok video has reminded the world that if random bots keep checking out your Instagram story, it’s probably a nemesis/ex/your ex’s new partner/estranged colleague/jealous dude conducting an anonymous stalk through a third-party website has. These sites have been around for years, but they’ve remained relatively unobtrusive. A … Lire la suite

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« I I don’t know if I was enjoying myself or just constantly curious, » says Meg in Snakebite, one of 10 short stories in 25-year-old British author Saba Sams’ extraordinary debut collection. Sams joins the ranks of writers like Megan Nolan and Frances Leviston with these astute portraits of the fragile intimacies and moments of euphoria … Lire la suite

These real sex stories from Reddit will make you cringe – SheKnows

While it’s true that sex can absolutely get better with age, we never fully outgrow these deeply awkward, uncomfortable, and awkward moments of intimacy just because we gain a little more experience. Add in the complications of keeping your sex life exciting, healthy, and fun as you grow together, raise a family, and grapple with … Lire la suite

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