Teen star falls victim to sale of allegedly intimate video

Singer Austin Mahone, who was recently touted as an alternative to Justin Bieber, was one of the most talked about names on Twitter this Tuesday for allegedly selling a very intimate video on adult platform OnlyFans, on which the American already has a page.

Photo by Austin Mahone: Playback/Instagram
Photo by Austin Mahone: Playback/Instagram

In the « filminho » the singer would act in a very explicit scene – in this case masturbating. Until then, payers had access to sexy and provocative images of Austin. Exclusive one-minute content would cost $730.

« As a teenager I loved listening to Austin Mahone’s ‘Shadow’… Who would have thought we’d be here today cheering for his video to be leaked on OnlyFans, » one user wrote on Twitter. « I remember they were trying to make Austin Mahone the new Justin Bieber… Anyway, the music was weak and yes, he’s handsome. It’s worth buying his nudes, » added another user.

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