Terabytes of stolen adult content from OnlyFans leaked

While OnlyFans leaks are not uncommon, none have ever been as big and widespread as Thursday. There are communities on Reddit and Telegram that specialize in hacking performers’ accounts and sharing the content without their consent. Many of these videos eventually end up on various tube sites. A similarly large, albeit different OnlyFans leak was posted last Saturday on forums dedicated to pirated software cracking and leaking.

One OnlyFans user, who wished to remain anonymous due to harassment on Twitter, said she wasn’t sure if she had been included in the leak since there were so many different versions of it circulating on Twitter.

« It’s heartbreaking to see that the content we’ve all worked so hard to create just gets thrown into the hands of the wrong people, » she told BuzzFeed News. « From what I’ve seen, pretty much everyone who has an account on OnlyFans has been leaked, but it’s such a massive amount of storage that I doubt everyone will be seen. »

She said many OnlyFans users were desperate to find out if they were included after the links were shared.

This isn’t the first major leak of content and personal information from adult performers and sex workers. Sexting site SextPanther also reportedly disclosed user information earlier this year, including home addresses, dates of birth and biometrics. And other websites serving sex workers, like PussyCash and iWantClips, have also recently had leaks, according to Daly Barnett, a technologist at the Electronic Frontier Foundation.

« This breach is another indication of an unfortunate trend, » Barnett told BuzzFeed News. “These platforms routinely have a terrible security posture and reprehensible incident response.”

“I think these platforms are just interested [in] to avoid legal troubles…while making the most money from their users,” Barnett added, referring to FOSTA-SESTA, a federal law that regulates sex-related content online.

“This is the second leak I’ve heard about this year. It puts us and our families at terrible risk, » said performer and OnlyFans user Osa Lovely.

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