Texas GOP contestant Sarah Stogner loses her endorsements after posing nude in TikTok campaign video

TEXAS Republican nominee Sarah Stogner lost a confirmation after posing half-naked in a salacious campaign video.

Stogner had been endorsed by the San Antonio Express-News editorial board in her candidacy for the Texas Railroad Commissioner seat.

Sarah Stogner posted the controversial ad on her TikTok and Twitter


Sarah Stogner posted the controversial ad on her TikTok and TwitterPhoto credit: Twitter
Stogner is a lawyer with 29.5k TikTok followers


Stogner is a lawyer with 29.5k TikTok followersCredit: Instagram/@sarah_e_unicorn

In the controversial campaign message, Stogner can be seen posing on an oil pump jack, wearing nothing but underwear, pies, boots and a cowboy hat.

The video quickly scrolls through shots of Stogner in various poses: she sits astride the machine, flips her hat over her head, and leans forward while pointing at the camera.

Stogner posted the video on TikTok and shared it on Twitter, captioning the tweet, « They said I need money. I have other assets.”

The Express-News editorial board had previously endorsed Stogner as Texas Railroad Commissioner, but rescinded that endorsement on February 15.

« It is painful to withdraw a recommendation, » the board wrote in explanation.

“But this is an opportunity to reaffirm our principles and expectations.

“We expect candidates for public office to exemplify civil discourse and decency worthy of public trust. This was neither.

« Instead, it is an indictment of this time that a candidate, even a fringe candidate, would target potential voters via social media in this manner. »

The outlet’s board also said that if Stogner wanted to « speak on the issues » relevant to the economy and ethics of the railroad industry, the video was « an embarrassing failure. »

Chron reports that Stogner commented on the decision on Facebook, defended her video and invoked hypocrisy in campaign ads.

« We have radiation in our water. But with me, lightly dressed, the line is drawn, » said Stogner.

« It feels a lot like sl*t-shaming. »

« If I went off and fired machine guns and yelled at the border, they wouldn’t have had a problem with that. »

Stogner, who has a Juris Doctorate from the Paul M. Hebert Law Center, also criticized the San Antonio Express-News, pointing out that she had similar photos on the social media accounts that the board is reviewing.

« [San Antonio Express] said they did their homework on me, » added Stogner.

« Ask them if they saw my picture from last summer. It’s on Instagram. I’m naked bare butt in the sand hills to raise awareness, » she wrote.

« It’s not sexual. But if female nudity isn’t intended for sexual purposes, I guess that’s a no go. »

Stogner describes herself as a « unicorn advocate » and has over 29.5k followers on TikTok.

She has thousands of other followers on Twitter and Instagram.

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