These solo acts of leaked hope are just plain nasty (23 PICS)

hope alone

Han Solo’s half-sister, Hope Solo, is an accomplished fighter pilot from the planet Zarnath. Nah, who are we kidding … she’s just a soccer goalkeeper from ‘Murica fuck yeah!

A top athlete and two-time Olympic gold medalist, Solo is a real warrior, unlike the other celebs who complain about a few extra cameras taking pictures of them while shopping at Whole Foods.

That’s a real woman folks. Her leaked cellphone nude photos reflect that. These are bold camera shots of their most intimate female parts. Solo is totally fascinated by them and you can tell. It’s kind of nasty, but cool at the same time, don’t you think?

Let’s indulge in the glory of this brave Amazon and hope that more images of her will be unleashed upon us in the near future.

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