TikTok now has a Discord server

TikTok has launched a Discord server for TikTok enthusiasts to chat about all things… TikTok.

Discord is the most widely used in the gaming world and has been preferred by gamers since its launch in 2015 due to its support for voice chat rooms and text-based threads. Since then, Discord has evolved, bringing more and more like-minded communities together. Especially during the pandemic, the platform became a more everyday form of communication and even a major player in the creator economy. No wonder TikTok wants to be there.

TikTok teased its upcoming presence on Discord on Wednesday a tweet Reading, « The brand new TikTok server is coming soon ».

It’s just apps on apps on apps.

At the time of writing, TikTok’s Discord community has 1,264 members, which is modest by Discord standards but is likely to grow.

« This server is just like your For You feed: it’s made for you, some of its comments are spicy, and your parents have no idea what it is, » reads TikTok’s Discord page. It currently has five moderators from TikTok itself and a set of rules that include no NSFW content and no buying of crypto.


What is Discord, the popular community chat app?

Within the Discord space, TikTok has chats for introductions, sharing individual TikToks, requesting TikTok support, and most interestingly, a « games room » to match TikTok’s growing interest in gaming. More recently, the app has reportedly been testing desktop streaming software called TikTok Live Studio, which allows developers to stream live game footage. Watch out Twitch.

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