TikTok Sex Hacks That Are Actually Legit

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TikTok is a magical place where we can learn a fingering technique involving an egg yolk just as easily as we can learn a trick to separate eggs. Today we are here today to talk about the former – that is, viral sex tips on TikTok. Are any of them actually legit? We tapped into Gynecologist Amy Roskin, MD, CMO of Favor, to find out. Below, she breaks down TikTok sex tips that actually work.

The tip of the stomach

“This tip recommends pressing on the abdomen of the person with a vagina to get aroused. The area near your navel and lower abdomen is an erogenous zone. Using this area during intercourse can be pleasurable for the partner with a vagina.”

Tantric sex

“The term ‘tantric sex’ can refer to an ancient practice that can combine spirituality, sexuality, mindfulness and intimacy. While we live in such a busy world, being mindful and focused on sex actually increases pleasure when we engage in intimacy with our partner. This tip also emphasizes communication with your partner, which often leads to more enjoyable and better sex.”

The pillow top

“If a pillow is placed under the hips of the person with a vagina during sex, it can take pressure off aching joints and angle the body to allow for deeper penetration. There’s even a range of pillows made specifically for sex to maximize pleasure.

Tilting the pelvis straightens the vaginal canal and provides a more comfortable angle of penetration. It can also allow for easier access to the G-spot, a particularly sensitive area within the clitoral framework of the vagina.”

The « Cogasm »

“A ‘coregasm’ is simply an orgasm that occurs during core training or after the body is exhausted from strenuous core training and is more commonly reported in women and people with vaginas. It usually occurs entirely separate from sex and arousal (and is inherently asexual), although core exercises often strengthen the pelvic floor, which can lead to increased pleasure during sex.”

“There are so many sex-related TikTok trends and tips out there that it can be difficult to keep track of them all!” says Dr. Roskin. « But the most important thing is agreement and open communication about your partner’s preferences. »

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Editor’s note: Although masculine pronouns are used in this article, the advice applies to all sexual orientations and gender identities.

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