TikTok star’s nude images and videos leaked on Twitter

TikTok star Tony Lopez
Nude images of TikTok star Tony Lopez have been leaked on Twitter. Pic credit: Lopez Brother/YouTube

Nude photos and video clips of TikTok star Tony Lopez have been leaked on Twitter.

The nude photos and videos surfaced on Twitter late on February 9 and have been widely shared on social media in the time since. One video clip shows Lopez carrying out a sex act in front of a mirror.

It is not certain how the images were leaked but several Twitter users have been saying they have the images and some have been offering to allow curious people to get access to the content.

Tony responded to the leak by posting joking tweets and retweeting comments by others.

“We love a scandal [sic] lol. »

He also took to Instagram to post reaction to the leaks.

His older brother, Ondreaz, also joked about the leaks on Twitter.

« Just when I thought cutting my hair would break the internet, Tony had to one up me SMH. »

The brothers appeared to be enjoying the attention they were getting on social media due to the nude leaks and this led to speculation that they might have leaked the images themselves.

Fans react on Twitter

People have been reacting to the leaks on Twitter. Those who hadn’t seen the photos and videos took to the social media platform to inquire where they could see them.

Some Twitter users responded by tweeting claims that they have the nude images of the TikTok star and offered to let people have access to the NSFW content if they requested through direct messaging.

Some also claimed that they obtained nude images of other TikTok stars.

Who is Tony Lopez?

Tony Lopez, 20, is the brother of Ondreaz Lopez, 22. The two brothers are TikTok stars with millions of followers on the popular social media platform.

They are best known for their dance videos and started their social media career by posting videos of their dance routines for their high school in Las Vegas and soon acquired a huge following on TikTok.

Tony and Ondreaz are members of Hype House, a content creator collective formed by a group of TikTok stars, including Chase Hudson (“lilhuddy”). The group is based in a mansion in Los Angeles. Other members of the collective include TikTok and YouTube stars such as Thomas Petrou and Alex Warren.

Tony has more than 42,000 followers on Twitter and more than 830,000 followers on Instagram.

You can also find Tony here on TikTok where he has 4.9 million followers. His brother Ondreaz has 6.4 million followers on TikTok.

Tony and his brother, Ondreaz, run a joint YouTube account, named Lopez Brothers, with more than 245,000 subscribers. They post videos of themselves, dancing, performing challenges, and skits.

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