Vanessa Mai and Lola Weippert: Sex after the Kama Sutra?

Vanessa Mai performing in Hamburg on November 25th, 2019

Vanessa Mai (here on November 25, 2019 at an appearance in Hamburg) spoke to Lola Weippert in her YouTube talk.

Vanessa Mai and Lola Weippert are always sexy and lightly dressed on Instagram. But: Both have the same limit, as they now discovered in the YouTube talk « On Mai Way ».

Little clothing – neither of them have any problems with that. Vanessa Mai and Lola Weippert now met in the YouTube talk « On Mai Way ». And it was all about bare facts.

The Schlager singer and the RTL presenter agreed on one thing: They don’t want to take photos for “Playboy”. They both told each other that they had both had offers several times. But Lola emphasized: « I said no and will always say no. »

A shoot for the men’s magazine is also out of the question for Vanessa Mai. “I think ‘Playboy’ is so out now. I make ‘only fans’ and earn money, right? ”Said the singer. Many celebrities show exclusive content on the Internet platform for a fee. Mostly of an erotic nature.

Vanessa Mai wants a profile on “Onlyfans”, but doesn’t dare

When Weippert asked if she had a profile there, Mai said: “I’ve already thought about doing it, but I don’t dare.” Not because she doesn’t want to show herself lightly, but from a completely different perspective Ground.

Mai: “I think it’s awesome. I’m someone who gives a shit about everything. I think to myself: if I’m up for it, I’ll do it. But I’m somehow afraid that not so many people will follow me. ”Weippert, on the other hand, is certain: May would have cracked the million followers there in record time.

The moderator, however, pushed further and wanted to know: « What would you do there? »

May then: “The same as on Instagram. It’s almost too much for Instagram, what I do sometimes, I only have a string on. « 

Lola Weippert: RTL presenter likes to run around half-naked at festivals

Lola Weippert also shows herself lightly dressed on the photo platform. Most recently in lingerie. Even the presenter has no problem with little clothing. On the contrary. In an interview with Mai, she said: “I always walk around half-naked at festivals. I like that. When you walk around like that, everyone else says: Wow, difficult. At the festival, you can walk around however you want. I love that so much. « 

The two beauties kept coming up with slippery topics in their conversation. Lola Weippert revealed, for example, for which celebrity she would “switch to the other bank” (Cara Delevingne) and then both had to answer a Kama Sutra question.

Vanessa Mai and Lola Weippert: Sex after the Kama Sutra?

In the course of the game « refreshing questions » namely. It works just like the party game “Never Have I Ever”. Means: Anyone who can answer “yes” to a thesis has to drink.

With « I’ve never tried anything from the Kama Sutra », Lola picked up her glass without saying a word. And May? She giggled at first and then said: « I don’t know if that is in the Kama Sutra, but … » That was enough for Lola Weippert to answer and she demanded: « Drink! » (Sku)

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