Vogue Williams is hosting the brand new E4 show Send Nudes and is looking for candidates to participate

Vogue Williams will host the brand new E4 show « Send Nudes » and is looking for participants.

The pregnant presenter will examine the body image in a new “Virtual Reality” series on E4, which is temporarily entitled “Send Nudes”.

Announcing the news yesterday[TUE]said the Dublin DJ who became a radio and television presenter, « It’s really exciting. »

She called on people to participate and went on, “We want to include you. It’s a very body positive show and basically we need some candidates. « 

The mother of two promised the show was « super positive » and celebrated all body shapes and sizes.

A description of the brand new E4 series reads: “It is a warm-hearted, transformative series that offers people with very personal bodies the opportunity to look into the possible future via 3D animated avatars to show them an ideal of what you are could look like they were going to comply with their request for cosmetic surgery. « 

You won’t be alone, however, as you’ll be supported by presenter Vogue in the studio and a diverse panel of 50 people from across the country.

The panel receives the person’s « file » and adds their honest feedback when the contributor wants to make a very important decision.

But mom of two Vogue, who is expecting their third child with husband Spencer Matthews in the new year, said she won’t be undressing on the new series.

“Our panel of experts is on hand to provide the most thoughtful advice to help participants make only informed decisions that are their own ultimate choices.

« As much as I normally like to be stuck in production, I always stay dressed! »

Produced by Crackit Productions, Send Nudes will showcase the body suspensions we all share, celebrate our differences, and show those contributors whether or not they choose to have surgery that there is no such thing as « normal ».

In ten episodes, each individual will explain in their own words their very personal reasons why they are considering changing their appearance.

Using the latest VR technology and in collaboration with experienced surgeons, each of them is occasionally shown a lifelike, moving, animated avatar of themselves after the operation, showing the possible outcomes of the various procedures under consideration.

Clemency Green, Commissioning Editor at Channel 4, said, “With so much prejudice and prejudice about plastic surgery, it can be hard for people to speak openly about the prospect of surgery. Send Nudes is different, we want to question these stereotypes and de-stigmatize these discussions by offering the contributors a safe space to uncover the emotional, often breathtaking and very personal reasons for an operation and give them the opportunity to be constructive, supportive and surprising To hear feedback. « 

Elaine Hackett, CEO of Crackit Productions, said, “Changing your body is a big decision and this new technology enables those of us who are contemplating change to see the future perfectly and ‘try’ before buying.

« This new format uses cutting-edge avatars to enable fascinating transformations and allow us all to make an informed decision before deciding on surgery. »

The show will air on E4 in 2022.

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