Wendler and Laura at OnlyFans: Old cookies instead of hot pictures – people

Lots of hot air – and absolutely NOTHING to watch.

Michael Wendler (49) and his wife Laura Müller (21) went live on OnlyFans on Friday evening – a long-awaited performance that was about as sexy as the four and a half sad speculoos that bobbed on a plate in front of the couple.

The couple chatted about their plans for about a quarter of an hour. But anyone who had expected that the two would announce hot erotic shows and sexy videos from their home marriage bed had cut themselves.

Which definitely will NOT happen

After Laura and the visibly good-humored pop singer were surprised to find that they hadn’t been live for at least a year and a half, Wendler spoke plainly: « There will be no hardcore sex here, we won’t do that. »

One is anything but prudish, and his wife was also seen in « Playboy », but, according to Wendler: « Anyone who thinks that we do live sex, we have to disappoint them. »

huh And why are the Wendlers with OnlyFans? After all, the platform is known as a revealing erotic community, where pornographic content can also be offered with impunity. A lucrative side income for many stars.

The couple also found clear words for this: « We chose OnlyFans because there are real fans there. »


Fans smell rip-off

Apropos: It is possible that the Telegram activist noticed the numerous negative comments from the connected fans at this point. They complained in droves, writing: “Rip off! Report it to OnlyFans! » and « My subscription is cancelled! » One criticized: « You don’t expect porn, but more pictures and videos in the form of Playboy. I don’t think you have to pay anything else. »

As a reminder: the couple charges a whopping 35 euros for a monthly subscription with access to exclusive content. But you can currently see how Laura opens the doors of her advent calendar prettily made up.

How can the heavily indebted ex-pop star of his flame pay for the expensive doors? Maybe with the clothes sale that Laura is currently boosting on Instagram. The Wendler wife peddles his leather jackets in the best influencer style in her stories. A subscription is really worth it for that too…

“Incredible Changes” are coming

With all the displeasure of the fans, Michi Wendler gave in: « There will also be one or the other erotic pic, but we also want to post videos from our lives. » Because, as the « Egal » interpreter said excitedly: « In a few weeks there will be an incredible change in our lives, the most exciting of my life.”

Of course, the two did not reveal what that will be.

Nobody would have expected anything else after this zero number …

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