What’s The Mormon « Soaking » Sex Act Video Going Viral On TikTok | Video

A new viral video reveals what Mormon teenagers are doing to circumvent the « No Sex » rule, which has about 25.5 million tags in its hashtag.

Who said Mormons live strictly by the book?

A new viral video reveals what Mormon teens do to get around the « no sex » rule: It’s penetration without « poking, » an act known as « soaking, » and its hashtag has about 25 to date, 5 million tags on TikTok.

To help the couple get even more from the soak, a friend helps them by hopping on the bed next to them to get things moving, or « jump-humping, » that New York Post reports.

“When I returned from my Mormon mission and moved to Provo, Utah, I heard rumors about ‘soaking,’ meaning a man inserting his penis into a woman’s vagina, and that was it. No movement. No bumping. No orgasms, » said Gary Knauer, 36, who lives in Oregon The post. « I spoke to a couple of friends who were ‘soaked.’ I heard Mormons still do that.”

“During my mission, I had several conversations with my fellow missionaries about sex in general. Some talked about soaking. Some would argue that anal sex is also gone to ‘preserve his virginity,' » recalled Knauer, who cleared his name from church records in April 2020.

« I’ve never practiced the soak. I was the sinner that actually ended the job.”

Other former members of the church, which makes up 2 percent of the US population, confirm that even if it’s banned, it’s trendy.

« It’s definitely a real thing in the community, among teenagers and single Mormon college students, » said Briana O’Neal, a 26-year-old former Mormon from Provo, Utah The post. « It’s kind of a hush-hush thing. Everyone knows it’s going on, but you wouldn’t come out and be like, ‘Oh yeah, I got soaked with my girlfriend,’ or whatever. »

Still, some former members of the church aren’t convinced the infamous sex act is as widespread as social media is making it seem.

“’Soaking’ does the rounds every once in a while and people are shocked and burst out laughing. The thing is, I’ve never heard of a single person actually admitting to doing it. It’s always a friend of a friend or a rumor, » said Carah Burrell, 32, who left the church two years ago and writes about Mormons on social media.

“Mormons have very strict rules about touching over or under clothing, and no fondling, so it is very against the law of chastity and would still require the man and woman to confess to their bishops in order to become decent members can in church. So it really doesn’t make any sense. In my mind, it’s probably 99 percent rumors and jokes, and a handful of idiots are trying, » Burrell said.

Sci-fi author VG Anderson, a former Mormon who left the church at 22, said the importance of these sexual acts angered elders.

« Because of these viral posts, awareness of the terms ‘soaking’ and ‘jump-humping’ is spreading like wildfire throughout the Mormon community right now, » said Anderson, 43, who grew up in Salt Lake City but now lives in Seattle. « All the parents of teens and young adults I know attribute it to a dangerous form of misinformation used to manipulate naïve girls in college dormitories. »

“The main concerns are that participation in this could make a person – especially girls – unworthy to participate in temple rituals and that “soaking” and/or “jumping” could still transmit STDs and lead to unwanted pregnancy. Everyone I’ve spoken to expects the church to address it head-on at some point in the near future.”

The Post has reached out to the church for comment.

While her family and friends are still very active in the Mormon community, Anderson condemns the culture, which she says increases odds against women.

« Looking back on my own days as a Mormon teenager, I don’t find it shocking at all. Boys and young men often try to find such « workarounds, » she said. « It’s a common and negative side effect of sexual repression by large groups of people, many of whom are growing up in families with parents who believe that they shouldn’t even talk about sex with their children, as it will inevitably result in the child becoming… becomes sexually active.”

And Anderson believes that no matter how pervasive community soaking becomes, women will still be the ones who suffer when they engage.

« More troubling is that ‘forgiveness’ for participating in ‘soaking’ or ‘jump-humping’ is likely to be easier for young men than for young women, who are still viewed as ‘unclean,’ which makes them less likely to marry. » makes worthy.”

This article originally appeared in the New York Post and is reproduced with permission

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