Why does TikTok find this Grinch so damn sexy?

A man in a Grinch costume goes viral on TikTok: « Help, why is he hot? », Fans want to know – and so do we.

We remember: Several years ago, a Grinch actor from a theme park in Florida went viral. An over-motivated woman had given him an onion during a visit – his favorite vegetable. The delighted reaction of the actor made for enthusiastic reactions on the net.

Well – it seems! – pulls same Grinch the Internet under its spell again. TikToker and YouTuber Alessa Dufresne recently visited the Universal Studios theme park in Florida and met the green Christmas hater there.

Dufresne shared a video of their encounter on her TikTok account. The clip was viewed there over 16 million times and has so far had more than four million likes.

In a short conversation, the YouTuber compliments the Grinch for his outfit, who then comments on the young woman’s eyebrows – and even praises her make-up skills. The man’s Grinch performance is obviously modeled on that of Jim Carrey.

« Why is it hot? »

Users are once again very enthusiastic about the actor’s performance – but it doesn’t stop there, because, according to their own statements, for inexplicable reasons, many feel madly drawn to him: « Help, why is he hot? » Is one of the top Comments below the video.

Other users write, “I think we have daddy issues and that’s why we like him so much”, “I just know he looks damn good under all that makeup” or “I just realized that my man’s taste is the Grinch is. »

In this sense: Merry Christmas!

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